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Contemporary Dance Performance Water Flow at Convergence

Contemporary Dance Performance Water Flow at Convergence

▼Sat. July 23, 2016 @7PM


1801 N.Quaker Lane Alexandria, VA 22302



・Fumihito SHIMIZU (Choreographer/Dancer)

・Eriko Tokura MURRAY (Soprano Singer)

・Tetsuroh KONISHI (Music Composer)

▼Guest Dancers from Tokyo, Japan

・Moemi Yahagi

・Kayo Noguchi

▼Guest Dancers from Misako Ballet Company / Misako Aoki (Director)

・Melissa Lineburg ・Jessica Markiewicz

・Ashlea Glickstein ・Amber Hodak

・Danielle Milstead ・Isabelle Zhan

・Amanda Wade

▼Free Admission. Donation Suggested.

▼Supported by The Conference of Music and Dance Japan


◆ Fumihito Shimizu (Dancer, Stage director, dance instructor)

Fumihito was born in Kushiro Hokkaido. Just Fumihito’s presence alone can change the mood on the stage. His expressions on the stage using his entire body are unique. His stage performances, as a guest solo dancer, exhibit a borderless genre. His delicate movements and the passion towards dance are accented by his strong movements of his long legs and arms. He dances lightly, but his sudden, bold moves are like a sharp knife thrown. Unrestricted is the best description of his performance style and physical prowess of his dance. He was chosen to study one year for new artists in New York City in 2008, where he presented his original production “Flower”. For more details of this exciting artist, please visit

Eriko Tokura Murray

◆ Eriko Tokura Murray (Soprano Singer)

Japan-born Eriko, regularly sings the national anthems at the Embassy of Japan. She also stars in the American singer group “7Sopranessence”, and has concerts in Japan and USA. Her voice is crystal – clear, strong, beautiful. Her stage presence is beautiful and touches our hearts. Her repertoires are diverse, not only the classic arias but also Japanese folk songs, contemporary pieces and improvisations. Along with piano and strings, Eriko collaborates with Japanese instruments such Koto and dances in Japanese style. Notable performance venues include Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, and the Sri Lankan Presidential Palace. For more information on Eriko, please

Tetsuroh Konishi

◆Tetsuroh Konishi (Improviser, Collaborator, Art Director, Art Coordinator)

Improviser, Collaborator, Art Director, Art Coordinator, and Composer are just a few of the titles of Tetsuroh. He is a producer of arts and events for several educational programs. Tetsuroh is a board member of The Conference of Music and Dance Japan,.Tetsuroh is also a journalist for the monthlies Music World and Brass Tribe. He has composed music for dance performances for stages in Canada, USA, Korea, as well as in Japan. These compositions won him very high critic reviews in the media. He has also performed in Germany and England with numerous other performers. Composed them music for NHK TV and Radio program. Wrote to book "ONGAKUNOTOMOSYA "To see more about this incredible artist:


Water Flow

When you look up the flower you meet the transience.

When you touch the water you find yourself alive.

When you feel someone you also realize your loneliness.

When you go away then you learn what the love is.

There is no exact same one.

I mean it is like a snow crystal.

It is just like, just like your life,

for every one, for every one of you,

a life dwells in its body .

Soon the snow crystal

will become a dew drop.

One for a dew drop

Another for you

there is a journey .

A dew drop

will be born inevitably,

will be flown accidentally,

then will be vanished by destiny.

And then again

that dew drop will become a snow crystal.

Another will become a flower.

人は 花を見て儚さと出会い

水に触れ 生きていることを知り

人に触れ 孤独を見つめ

人と離れ 愛を学ぶ








やがて 雪の結晶は 雫になり







運命のように 消えゆく






Misako Ballet Studio/Misako Ballet Company/Misako Beats

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