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Water Flow to the future.

I wish you good health.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full of the overcoming of it.

「世界は苦しいことでいっぱいだけれども、それに打ち勝つことでもあふれている。」 by Helen Keller(ヘレン・ケラー)

There is always light behind the clouds.

「雲の向こうは、いつも青空。」 by Louisa May Alcott(ルイーザ・メイ・オルコット) より引用

SHIMIZU Fumihito

Address: Arakawa-ku Tokyo, JAPAN


Height: 181cm (6’00”) Weight: 69kg (152 lbs) Eyes: Brown Hair: Black


2013- Present Okayama City Art Festival

Organizer / Okayama City, Okayama City Sports and Culture Promotion Foundation.

2014- Present Sugu COCO art !! Organizer / SHIMIZU Bureau. Arakawa Ward Arts and Cultural Foundation.

2015- Present Contemporary dance performance “Water Flow” Sapporo/Tokyo/Kanagawa/Okayama/Alexandria, VA/ Organizer / SHIMIZU Bureau.

2019- October The 74th National Athletic Meet 2019 Opening ceremony, Sports for the disabled opening

ceremony 「Rich nature and sparkling earth」Organizer /Japan Sports Association.

Ministry of Education,Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Ibaraki Prefect.

2019-November “ Western-style dance Festival” commemorating the 40th anniversary of Ibaraki “Water Flow”

Organizer / Western-style dance Dance Association.


Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artist 2009 New York, USA


1990 – Present  Hakodate College of Hokkaido University of Education Hokkaido, Japan /Modern dance club coach

2009 – 2010 Ochanomizu University /part-time instructor

2012 – Present Foundation for Okayama Sport and Culture Foundation sponsored dance incubation Okayama field Okayama, Japan / instructor

2017 – Present Shobi University Faculty of Informatics for Arts Department of Performing ArtsSaitamaJapan/Associate professor


July 1999 Saitama Dance Association National Dance Concour Saitama, Japan

1st Prize, Akiko Tachibana Award, Saitama Governor’s Award,

Contemporary Dance Association of Japan Award

March 2001 Tokyo Web National Dance Concour

1st Prize, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports of Japan Award,


1985 – 1989 Hakodate College of Hokkaido University of Education Hokkaido, Japan

1989 – 1990 University of Tsukuba Dept. of Physical Education Ibaraki, Japan

2017 – 2019 Graduate School Master’s Program, Sport and Health Promotion

University of Tsukuba Tokyo, Japan

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